Celtic folk music for
 the discerning palette.



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4 Weeks

All Axle

(front to back) Molly, Athos, Arawyn & Axle

Angus, Holly (white back) & Molly

Arwyn    Molly


Day 5

Heather, Holly (Pink) & Bridget

Day 4 

Bridget & Athos

Day 3


First Visitors

Mom with Molly , Athos, Arawyn, Holly & Axle

Day 2 - Already prefer the Packer Blanket!

Mom with Axle, Athos, Holly, Molly & Arawyn

Bridget with Holly

Day 1 - Lost one puppy. The one below with red & black ribbon

All others and Mother doing well.

First Born - Red/Molly

Red/Molly & Blue/Axle

Blue/Axle Suckling

Add Dark Blue/Athos

Dark Blue/Athos- Kiss

Pink/Holly  - Just Born

Pink/Holly & Blue/Axle

First Four

Red Bk - Just Born (The one we lost)


Add Peach & Green

All Six

Hours Before

Nesting Before

  Angus & Bridget

Beached Whale

Bridget one week before delivery

Above, Bridget and her mother Cynthia.

Angus's Pedigree

Bridget's Pedigree puppies/Bridget Pedigree.xls