Of Moose and Men

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Of Moose & Men

This album was in the works for some time before it was finally released on tape in September, 1997, and on CD in spring, 1998. All the songs on this album were recorded live. It took awhile for this project to gel so that we were all happy with it, but it was worth the wait. We've included many of our all-time favorite songs -- songs that we especially enjoy performing because the audience responds so enthusiastically.

You have to see our live show to truly appreciate the "Seal of Approval" that makes our version of "Wild Rover" so unique.   It's a very silly tradition started a couple years ago that involves clapping and barking like seals. It's even sillier to see the whole audience doing it, too. 

"Flower of Scotland" finally came together for us in the spring of 1997 in a little all-you-can-eat barbecued ribs place in Muskogee, OK. After dinner,  The  Rogues http://www.therogues.com/ decided to reward the unsuspecting restaurant staff and patrons with a few tunes. Please understand that as most great eateries, this venue was small, cozy, and had a past incarnation as a fast food place (read: concrete floor, plastic furniture, paneled walls, low ceiling), now imagine if you will two highland pipers, several drums and at least one set of bones (that would be Bill). Now imagine rats on a sinking ship.

I digress. Our answer to the Rogues musical tor... err.. performance was Flower of Scotland. That night it really came together and we've been turning heads with it ever since. Even the bees like it -- just ask Bill about that.

Of Moose & Men 
Lyrics & song stories

     1)  Sailor's Prayer
     2)  Farewell to Nova Scotia
     3)  I Will Go, I Will Go
     4)  The Foggy Dew
     5)  Beggars to God
     6)  Flower of Scotland
     7)  There Were Roses
     8)  The Minstrel Boy
     9)  Skye Boat Song
    10)  The Queen of All Argyle
    11) The Bonnie Ship the Diamond
    12)  Wild Rover
    13)  Dough Ray Me
    14)  All Of It
   15)  The Moose Song



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