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   Go Lassie Go  (Out Of Print)

The song "Wild Mountain Thyme," from which we took our name , is also known as "Bloomin' Heather" or "Go Lassie Go." So this is our first, self-titled release. Many renaissance faires use this song as their final song of the day.

Wild Mountain Thyme's arrangement of "Auld Lang Syne" is a traditional version of the well-known song sung on New Year's Eve. First put to paper by Robert Burns in the late 18th century, this song probably dates much farther back. The words are tricky since they are in Scottish dialect, meaning "old long since" or "for old times sake".

"Sailor's Prayer" is one of WMT's all-time favorites. This is an inspired song written by Rod McDonald. With Bill's forceful but sweet lead it speaks of fighting all odds. We first heard Sailor's Prayer performed by the Madison's Wah-Ha group "Free Hot Lunch." 

Kathleen learned the traditional Irish song "Red is a Rose" back in high school. Bill heard her humming it one day, and added the Loch Lomond Scottish words. A new arrangement was born with both sets of words, only to find out that a group called "Bawdy Beggar Girls" had used an arrangement almost exactly like theirs. The lovely harmonies has made this a much-requested song when we perform " for weddings.

"Blackbird" seems to be favorite of Wild Mountain Thyme fans. It is a song of a young maiden who's true love immigrates without her. She will remain faithful to her heart, and him, though he may never return to her. It was arranged by WMT. The original song, recorded by Andy M. Stewart, was in the man's point of view. WMT doesn't usually sing this song at renaissance faires unless requested.


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   1.  Auld Lang Syne
   2.  Whiskey in the Jar
   3.  Blackbird
   4.  Back Home in Derry
   5.  Strike the Bell
   6.  Fiddler's Green
   7.  Lewis Bridal Song/Mairi's Wedding
   8.  Star of the County Down
   9.  Red is the Rose / Loch Lomond
   10.  Botany Bay
   11.  Wild Mountain Thyme
   12.  Clare to Here
   13.  Rising of the Moon
   14.  Sailor's Prayer
   15.  Twa Recruitin' Sargeants
   16.  Irish Blessing


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