Beaches of St. Valery

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This CD is of hero stories & strong emotions of battle.  It started from Bill's passion to convey the meaning of the song The Beaches of St. Valery.  It continued with Kathleen's connection with the yew tree and the stories it could tell in it's witness of our history.
Copyright 2001 by 3 Pints Gone,  All arrangements by 3 pints Gone. All songs traditional or listed below & used by permission. 
Soldier’s Child by Rickey Lashley, 
The Fields of Athenry by Peter St. John, 
The Beaches of St. Valery by Davey Steel, 
The Green Fields of France by Eric Bogle,
Barrett’s Privateer’s & Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers.



Original artwork by Tony Hrubes. 

CD layout  & design for new name by Kathleen. 

The enhanced files & advanced graphics, 
The Band:
Bill Masino - Vocals, pennywhistle

Kathleen Mullaly Masino  - Vocals, pennywhistle

Colin O'Brien - Acoustic Guitar

Randy Adams - Acoustic Guitar on "Soldier's Child", Harmony vocals


Special thanks to Guest Performers
Randall Wothke - Bodhran & Snare;                   
Bryan Blaylock -Bodhran     
Paul Vnuk Jr. - musicbox   & others Musical noises
Liisa Church - Violin;  
Tom Schwark - Mandolin


Technical side:

The recording and mixed by Paul Vnuk Jr. at The Moss Garden Music.

Mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind

Duplication by Nogard Enterprises 

Printing & Assembly by Conversion Media



This CD is Enhanced. An extra computer file
 (which you found) was added.  It includes notes 
& lyrics about each song, musician’s bio’s and
larger pictures.

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