Celtic folk music for
 the discerning palette.



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Week 6
Beginning and End of the Week

Week 6 with Angus (White, Red and Yellow)

Week 5
Seven Cuddling

Week 4
Seven Eating Slop

Day 17

Six of Seven - cuddling, Day 14

Below: Exercise for the 12th day - belly crawling.  
(Angus-Dad on left, Bridget-Mom on right)


Yellow ( F ) - 1st Born Krackers  

Day 1

Day 2 with Mom
Day 12, eyes just opening

Week4, Eating the Fish

Week5, Cuddling with Pink

Week5, With Angus(Dad)

Week5, Stealing Fish

Week5, Sneaking


Blue ( M ) - 2nd Born Ian  

Day 1 with Angus-Dad

Day 2 with Mom

Day 12, eyes just open

Week4, Sleeping on Back

Week5, Sitting Nice

Week5, Loving the Camera

Week 6


Purple ( M ) - 3rd Born  Diesel  

Day 1 w/Heather Young 

12 Days, eyes no quite open

Day 17

Week4, Asleep on Side

Week5, Looking at Camera

Week6, Trying to Hide


Pink ( F ) - 4th Born Raven  

Day 6, with visitors

12 Days, eyes just opening

Day 17

Week4, On Belly Cuddling

Week5, On the Trail

Week5, For the Camera


Week6 Green with Pink


Red ( F ) - 5th Born Alley  

Day 2 with Mom

12 Days, eyes almost open

Day 17, Only puppy with white on rear end.

Week5, Enjoying Stuffed Animal Toy

Week5, Prancing

Week4, Asleep


Week6, Angus, White & Red in foreground


White ( F ) - 6th Born Fiona  

Day 2 suckling

Day 6 with visitors

12 Days, eyes just opening

Week4, Playing Around

Week4, Now Fiona McQuown

Week4, Behind Bars

Week5, Snuggling With Red

Week5, With Spider Toy

Week6 with Angus


Green ( M ) - 7th Born Sabastian  

Day 6 - cuddling 

Day 6 - Sleeping upside down

12 Days, eyes just opening; Angus-Dad on left.

Week4, For the Camera

Week4, Sleeping Weird

Week4, On Side

wk4, Tired Face

Week5, Serious Tracking Face


Week6 Green with Pink



First Born - Yellow

1st Born - Yellow

  Bridget - Pregnant

Angus & Bridget

Angus - Lonely and looking for attention from Kathleen


Angus's Pedigree

Bridget's Pedigree puppies/Bridget Pedigree.xls