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cover image: Home Brew
Released August 2009

New CD: Home Brew (August 2009)
Bill, Kathleen and new guitar player- Jesse Linder (Remember him as the guitar player/singer in the "Separated at Birth" on "Storming The Castle" Tape.)
Go to: Chivalry Music to purchase.
1. Black and Tans 2. Ireland 3. Spancill Hill 4. Over the hills and Far Away 5. Thousands are Sailing 6. From Clare to Here 7. Bully in the Alley 8. The Galway Shawl 9. The City of New Orleans 10. Mr. Bojangles 11. The Leaving of Liverpool 12. Sailor's Prayer

cover art: Auld Lang Syne: the new favorites of 3 Pints Gone

Auld Lang Syne (June 2007) 
It ranges from simple three-part harmonies to full-out arrangements.  This is a "Best of" CD with the musician's "new favorites."  With twenty-one songs on this CD, it includes six completely new recordings and many re-mastered songs from earlier recordings. Band Musicians: Bill Masino, James A. Kuehl and Kathleen Mullaly Masino.  Guest Musicians: Michi Ragier, Mike McCauley, Paul Vnuk II, Jon Baade and many others. This CD can be purchased from Chivalry Music.
Track list:
1. So Far from Home  2.  Follow Me Up to Carlow  3. There is a Ship  4. Jamie Raeburn's Farewell  5. Blackbird  6. Soldier's Child  7. Willie Taylor  8. City of Chicago  9. When Will We Be Married  10. Lancashire Lads  11. The Beaches of St. Valery  12. Wild Mountain Thyme  13. Nancy Whiskey  14. Johnny Jump Up  15. The Final Trawl   16. Away Rio  17. The Outhouse  18. johnnie I Hardly Knew Ye  19. The Queen of Argyll  20. Auld Lang Syne  21. Irish Blessing

cover art: There Is A Ship - Click for larger view

There Is A Ship (May 2006) 
Featuring James Kuehl, singing and on guitar.  This CD is full of sea shanties and songs of the sea.  This CD can be purchased from Chivalry Music.
Track list:
1.  Jolly Rovin Tar  2.  Rollin Down to Old Maui  3.  Willie Taylor   4.  Fire Down Below   5.  The Final Trawl  6.  Away Rio  7.  Empress of Ireland  8.  A Sailor's Prayer  9.  Blow Ye Winds In the Morning  10.  Topman and the Afterguard  11.  There Is A Ship  12.  Go to Sea No More  13.  Farwell To Nova Scotia  14.  Leave He Johnny Leave Her  15.  BONUS TRACK:  Wind in the Riggin

cover art: One More Round

One More Round (May 6, 2005)
Recorded live it includes many of the drinking songs you have heard 3 Pints Gone perform in the Pubs or festivals over the years.  It is filled with Bill's crazy song introductions and audience participation.  Don't worry it also includes 14 verses of "The Moose Song"  Is for PG13 audience because that darn moose song is bawdy.   This CD can be purchased from Chivalry Music.
1. The queen of Argyll  2. Highland Paddy  3. The Empress of Ireland  4. Little Drummer Girl  5. Bedlam Boys   6. Do Ray Me  7. Mountain Dew  8. The Outhouse Song  9. Nancy Whiskey  10. Finnegan's Wake  11. Johnny Jump Up  12. Isn't It Grand  13. Whiskey was my First  14. The Moose Song (short version)  15. The Moose Song (long version)  16. Irish Blessing

cover art: Health to the Company

Health to the Company (March 6, 2004)
Available from Chivalry Music. List of songs Click here.  This CD can be purchased from Chivalry Music.

cover art: The Beaches of St. Valery

The Beaches of St. Valery (August 2001) 
" I have been playing "Beaches of St. Valery" to death since I got it. It is an absolutely fabulous recording. Bravo."     1/21/02   Ed Rothschild
This CD can be purchased from Chivalry Music.

There Can Be Only One coverWild Mountain Thyme's  There Can Be Only One (2001)  Out of Print
This CD is actually a RE-release of the first two Wild mountain Thyme recordings, which were only produced on cassette tape. All the Wild Mountain Thyme 21 songs from "Go Lassie Go" and Stormin the Castle are included on this one album.
                     (Does not include tracks by other groups on Stormin' the Castle.) 

album cover: Scotland's DepravedWild Mountain Thyme's Scotland's Depraved  (1999) Out of Print
This album  includes moving ballads such as "The Galway Shawl" and the "Banks of the Lee" plus stirring editions of upbeat  songs "Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie", "Finnegan's Wake" and of course "Scotland's Depraved", a humorous parody of the traditional bagpipe tune, Scotland the Brave.

Moose & Men coverWild Mountain Thyme's Of Moose And Men  (1997) Out of Print
This Wild Mountain Thyme CD features the infamous Moose Song, our signature version of "Wild Rover" and a rousing anthem favorite, "Flower of Scotland". Don't worry, an updated live 14 verse version of "The Mouse Song"  was released on "On More Round"  See Above.

Click here 
to learn moreStormin' The Castle (Nov.1995) Out of Print
Wild Mountain Thyme's second tape,was recorded at the Stronghold Benefit Concert at Stronghold Castle in Illinois, November of 1995. Besides songs from the group Wild Mountain Thyme, this tape also has songs by Molly & the Tinker, Separated at Birth, and Cloverleaf. This event has become an annual tradition for Wild Mountain Thyme and Stronghold Castle.

Click here to learn moreGo Lassie, Go   (March 1995).  Wild Mountain Thyme's first recording only on tape. It is a compilation of many of our favorite and most requested songs, including "Wild Mountain Thyme", the song that started it all. 
Out of Print

Many of our songs can be sampled on Cantaria, a library of bardic music. Check it out!