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 Jesse Linder:

Major music announcement

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 5:48am by Jesse Linder
Well, Bill has finally figured out a way to keep me from stealing his material (or so he says)!

After taking some time to consider carefully, I have accepted the invitation from Bill and Kathleen Masino to become the newest member of . . .

3 Pints Gone

Now, for the two or three people who have never heard of 3 Pints Gone, they are one of the major Celtic groups in the area. Since 2000, they have made a name for themselves in bars, Celtic fairs and Renaissance festivals around the United States. Their unique blend of high-energy performance and outstanding harmonies has won them fans from Florida to the Great Plains. They have recorded five CDs, and perform regularly at venues in Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Florida and more.

I have been friends with both Bill and Kath for over 15 years, and I have a lot of respect for the body of work they have had a hand in, first as two-thirds of Wild Mountain Thyme, later as they put together 3 Pints Gone. They have been supportive of my work as well, and our collaborations go back to the "Stominí the Castle" cassette from 1996.

We have already started rehearsals, to prepare for the coming season. The current plan is to get into the studio as quickly as possible, with a goal of having OUR first CD ready for the start of the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire.

For those wondering how this will impact my solo career . . . well, in short, it wonít. I am already contracted for Bristol for this season, and the groupís schedule is open enough that I should have plenty of opportunities to book my own shows. (And since Bill handles the booking for the group, I donít have to stress over booking two acts, or choosing which one to promote.)

But this is going to be a great opportunity for me. I love singing in three-part harmony, and the three of us share a lot in common musically. 3 Pints Gone plays at some terrific venues, and I am looking forward to visiting these new events. And the group has some great fans (some of whom have already contacted me on MySpace), so I am looking forward to meeting all of them.

Great music, great friends, and great fans. This should be fun.